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"A young and timely voice wrapped in an old soul. I love the theme and creative approach. A colorful album of gems."

— 3x Grammy Winning Producer Lonnie Park

Riley Max has unveiled her album "ROYGBIV," drawing inspiration from the myriad colors of emotions that define moments and relationships.”

Qatar Airlines In-Flight Entertainment's Specially Curated Version of ROYGBIV

Soulful and poetic, her songs will pull on your heartstrings.”

Stanford Magazine

The new Yellow video was conceived as an impressionistic color sequel to Blue. The song was actually recorded live in one take of Riley singing and playing guitar. This is Riley Max’s follow-up video after the incredible success of her first music video Blue and the album ROY G BIV — Blue has exploded on playlists and has over 53,000 views on YouTube and Riley’s debut release has received over 40 glowing reviews. It’s a collaboration between sister artists — songwriter and performer Riley Max and her big sister Sidney Grace, a documentary filmmaker and composer. Sidney also directed and edited the Making Of ROY G BIV video on Riley’s website. Riley and Sidney are Colorado young women making an impact on the world and trying to make our state proud!”

Colorado Music Business Organization (COMBO)

Violet is a delectable slice of vintage alt-pop, oozing with irresistible charm. With vocals brimming with attitude and a dynamic crescendo that could put your speakers to the test, this song delves into the depths of a toxic relationship, channeling the raw anger and fury that often accompany such entanglements. What sets it apart and makes it an absolute must-listen is the remarkable vocals that exude character and depth, an impressive feat considering the singer’s youthful age at just 17.”

Last Day Deaf -- Sound Overwhelming Everything

Nagamag proudly presents the song Blue by the talented Riley Max… A unique jazz composition that captured the attention of Nagamag’s curators, who were deeply moved by the emotions awakened during their listening experience. Very dreamy atmosphere and amazing layering of sounds that creates a very melancholic vibe within the song. A beautiful vocal just explodes as the song progresses… Piano is just wonderfully playful at moments… Same goes for the saxophone that follows perfectly the song's mood.”


I marvel at what a remarkable talent we have here! Let's start off with the rather eyecatching cover art. Created by Riley herself with 7 rainbow colored figures representing 7 of the 9 songs on the album. Lovely lyrics set to beautiful sung melodies. I loved the song "Red." And my 2 favorites at this time are perhaps the 2 most intimate songs on the record -- "Yellow" with the voice and acoustic guitar (played by Riley) and "Blue" with the voice and the piano (again performed by Riley) and Cory Cullinan's remarkable work on the alto saxophone. I loved the minimal nature of the arrangements on most of the songs. A future superstar in the making.”

Grammy-Nominated Recording Artist Arun Shenoy

Friendship's Legacy: Riley Max's Touching Musical Remembrance... Meet Riley Max and her latest creation ‘Yellow’ from the emotionally vibrant album ROY G BIV. ‘Yellow’ captures the essence of nostalgia, blending pop, rock, folk, and jazz in a vivid emotional palette. Impressive fact: she recorded it in one breath! The music video, a collab with sister Sidney Grace, adds colorful magic. So, darlings, we’re extending a fabulous invitation for you to dive headfirst into the realm of emotions through the enchanting vibes of ‘Yellow’ by the one and only Riley Max.”