LATEST Single & Video

It’s very fitting that Yellow should be the video to follow Blue, because those were the first songs that I wrote, and that’s the first song I ever actually recorded. I wanted the recording to be very minimal, with essentially no editing, because I really just wanted the song to feel really raw and really real. It’s an honest revisiting of a friendship that was really positively influential on my life, but maybe just wasn’t meant to last. I think we all have people in our lives who have very deeply affected us and shaped the way that we see the world, whether they were the first ever friend you made in kindergarten or they just happened to be in the right place at the right time when your eighth grade friend group decided you weren’t friends with them anymore. They may not be in your life anymore, but you still think of them every time that someone puts ketchup on their mac and cheese, and you’re grateful that they knew you when.”

Riley Max


Riley Max dropped her first album. you don't want to miss this.


Riley MAx

This 19-year-old Harvard freshman composer, songwriter, performer and producer from Colorado is bringing new shades of color to the world with her debut album ROY G BIV.